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Take the J.O.Y. (Just One Year) Challenge

Begin to put the joy back in the journey today by using this free toolkit below to help create a happier and healthier life. You can take this journey on your own, with your family, or a friend, and you may want to start an Action for Happiness group and try the practices together.


1. Download and follow the monthly calendar themes here.


2. Download the Action for Happiness app for coordinated friendly ‘nudges’ with an action idea each day here.


3. Try the practices from the Greater Good Science Center, all science-based practices for a meaningful life below:

Keys to Joyful January,

Friendly February

Mindful March,

Active April,

Meaningful May,

Hunt for the Good June,

Resilient July,

Altruistic August,

Self-Care September,

Optimistic October,

New Things November,

Do Good December


4. Additional Resources:

Download 365 Days of Daily nudges to a more Joyful Journey here.

Start an Action for Happiness group today with these resources.

Download a full set of the 10 Keys posters here.

Resources for elementary age children here.

You can order this book for further reading.

Listen to the Greater Good podcast, here

Follow Greater Good Mag on Instagram

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