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Healthy Seniors


Services like Home Care and Home Health Care are well known and most doctors will be aware of a few different companies that provide these. Other very convenient services that are provided in the comfort of your home are often still unknown to doctors. 

It is always important to be a good advocate for yourself and those you provide care for. Ask questions and make requests, do your research.

Safety & Companionship


As our needs for assistance and safety changes there are services that will allow you to continue to live at home with a caregiver from a Home Care company. They can come out to assist you with your daily activities like, moving around your home, housekeeping, meals, showers, toileting and getting dressed.

You can select a Home Care company by asking people in your community, The Helm, The Wilson Center or go online and do your own research on companies in your community.


After you contact a Home Care company they will send a representative to your home for an assessment and to talk to you about what the needs are. Prices generally vary from $21-$26/hour. The more hands on personal care that is needed the higher the care, if it's strictly companionship and safety, you are looking at the lower end of the price.


These are services you will pay yourself as they are  often not covered by insurance. Although this may change as insurance companies realize that paying for in home care actually reduces hospitalizations and other billable services.

Sometimes in home caregiver services can be  paid by

  • Veterans Administration

  • Automobile insurance

  • Long Term Care insurance

Physical Therapy


If you are unable to drive yourself to a physical therapy clinic, your insurance should cover these services to be done in your home.

As long as there is a need, your primary care doctor can write and order for Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy or Nursing services. The doctor will send this order to any company you wish to work with. You can select a Home Health Care company that provides these services by asking people in your community, The Helm, The Wilson Center or go online and do your own research on companies in your community and read their reviews.

Therapists will come to your home and work with you 2-3 times per week until you are no longer progressing. For senior with unsteady gait, it is recommended that you see your doctor a few months after you have been discharged from therapy. Your doctor will do a new evaluation to see if you will qualify for these services again. As long as there is a need for therapy and you meet criteria, you can continue this cycle.

Working with therapists is highly recommended for seniors  as exercise will keep you more balanced and strong. This in turn will decrease your risk of falling and being sent to the hospital.

These services will be covered by your insurance. Some insurance plans require a co-pay per visit.

Visiting Primary Care Doctors


Doctors who visits you in your home are an amazing service. These services are especially useful and appreciated during the snowy and icy Michigan winter months as well as by the family members of the patient. Many seniors are currently getting to their doctors appointments by family members who take time off work in order to drive them.

It may be difficult to locate a visiting doctor in our area. Ask around, call doctors offices and ask if this is a services they provide. When you do locate a doctor who will see you in your own home, ask them how soon they can get to you if you call to request an urgent visit. To keep you out of the emergency room, being able to have a doctor or midlevel provider (Nurse Practitioner or Physician's Assistant) visit you in your home can greatly improve your quality of life.

These services will be covered by your insurance at the same rate they are when you go to see a doctor in their office. This means, if you have a co-pay at the doctors office, you will have a co-pay when they see you in your home.

Visiting Specialists/Doctors


There are many specialists who will see you in the comfort of your own home, like, Podiatrists, Audiologists and Psychologists. Some of these may be covered by insurance, some may have a co-pay.

Ultrasound, X-ray, Echo & Dopplers


These imaging services can be done in your home by appointment. Your doctor can either fax an order to the mobile imaging company or they can give you the order and you can provide it to them. 

These services are covered by insurance and it is available to everyone no matter their age or even if they are capable of driving themself to an appointment.

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