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Winter Activity Challenge

I know in these winter months, it's sometimes difficult to get the much needed exercise we need.  Unless you have three dogs, like I do and walk them everyday, it may be difficult to get those much needed steps in.  One of the things that I do, is, even though its cold, is park at the very back of the parking lot, where ever I am.  Just make sure you have a hat on, gloves and a scarf, to beat the cold.  It will help with adding extra steps to your day.  Try just may make you feel good. 

Also, instead of complaining about pushing that shopping cart through the snow...think of it this way, you are using extra muscles and brawn to push that cart, it helps with your heart activity and you might just find some strength you didn't have. 

Stay warm friends and safe.

Jackie Anderer

Coalition Member

For 13 ideas to stay active in the winter, click here.

Make the most of winter weather by using it as an exercise challenge!

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