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Eight Dimensions of Wellness Program

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

Well here it is….the Eight Dimensions of Wellness program workbook . Feel free to print and share with your friends, co-workers or patrons. We are launching March 1st but no worries if people join in late. This is a marathon type program and not a sprint.

This program will include weekly posts to our Facebook, Instagram and YouTube pages. We’ll also have guest speakers, in person events/gatherings and just an overall sense of positive vibes and support. The eight dimensions of wellness include physical, environmental, spiritual, occupational, social, intellectual, emotional and financial wellness. Each program module will focus on one of these areas. So many of us know what we need to do for our mental and physical wellness but life gets busy, we feel overwhelmed and often just hit a wall. This program is designed to cheer people on each week, nudge those who might need a little push and to educate participants. We think it meets most people where they are in their own health journey, allows for busy schedules and makes each weeks challenge an achievable and successful action.

We are happy to present this program to your business, school, office, or to meet with you to explain it in more detail. I think once you see it up and running, you’ll be just as excited as we are. I mean come on…who doesn’t need a little cheerleader encouraging them to make healthy life choices. Not to mention crank out a few disliked chores like decluttering or making preventative medicine appointments. 😊

We have more info and a video for you to check out at the following online locations. This is a pilot program and the first of its kind for us so we’re excited to see it unfold. Please feel free to reach out to Suzy or myself with any questions. The best way to stay up to date with the program is by following us on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Facebook: Healthy Grosse Pointe and Harper Woods

Instagram: @healthygphw

YouTube: Healthy GPHW

Sasha Murphy

Community Organizer

Suzy Berschback

Beaumont Program Manager

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