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Senior Fun Day

Senior Fun Day is a day to celebrate and just have fun. There is always plenty of activities, good food and gift baskets to be won! Dedicated and passionate people and local companies who call our community home spend a lot of time perfecting this event every year.

Senior Fun Day 2020 will be in May. Location and details will be posted here as we have fun planning and establishing sponsors and activities. 


Senior Fun Day was established in 2005 by Dr. Julie Corbett & Dr. Sandra Robinson.

This past year, we sadly lost them both. In their honor, we will continue with Senior Fun Day, with special consideration given to their dedication and passion for seniors and our community. 

To read The Grosse Pointe News article on them, please visit


"Dr. Julie Corbett, was a friend, mentor and inspiration to me and many others.

She was passionate about her community and constantly working to help others live a more enriching life. She found her joy in helping others and Senior Fun Day is a great example of this.


Dr. Corbett was the leader of our team and together with the warm-hearted, Dr. Sandra Robinson, from Wayne County Community College, brought all the community partners together to create a free, fun and educational day for seniors for the last 10 years.

Dr. Corbett and Dr. Robinson were fast friends and we all had a lot of fun over the years planning this wonderful day for seniors in the community.


Over the course of the year, Dr. Corbett shared her home, her friendship and wine and cheese at the planning meetings and in the process we all became a group of friends. The work will continue as we know they would want it to, and we will honor their legacy of friendship and generosity in the process." 

- Suzy Berschback

Dr. Sandra T. Robinson, left, with her longtime friend and collaborator, Dr. Julie Corbett

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