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Healthy Seniors focuses on bringing health care, services and information to those living in our local area. 

Seniors are currently being underserved in many aspects of society. As you are reading this there are  many companies starting up with a focus on bringing services to seniors and into their homes. Many Physicians and entrepreneurs are asking themselves, what do seniors want, what do they need and, how can we bring our services to them? 


There are many new and exciting services out there, but how do you find them, or even  know that they exist?

Your Doctors are often unaware of services and care offered for seniors.

Health care companies are out there networking, but not bringing information about other services back to their own teams.

Healthy Seniors was started just this year, 2019. Belinda Grunewald have worked in the senior health care world for a long time and like many of us, she recognized the need of bringing the community and services for seniors together. 

When approaching Beaumont if they would be interested in joining with this new Healthy Seniors Coalition, they happily said that they had just started Healthy Grosse Pointe & Harper Woods (HGP&HW) and that they would love to partner up with a coalition focused on senior health!

Suzy Berschback is the backbone of HGP&HW, Healthy Seniors is now a proud member of her wonderful non-profit organization. We have the pleasure of working alongside eight other coalitions within this group!

HGP&HW meet once a month to go over goals of all the coalitions. It is exciting to hear about all the projects going on in our wonderful community.

Healthy Seniors meet up monthly at The Helm at the Boll Life Center, in Grosse Pointe Farms.

You are welcome to join us!

The team at Healthy Seniors would like to thank you for reading about us and for your interest in seniors and their health care and daily life.

Belinda Grunewald

If you have questions, please email Belinda at

Our goal is to

  • bridge the gap of information and local services to those living in our area. 

  • improve the quality of life of our local seniors.

  • empower you to become your own patient advocate.

  • raise the bar for our seniors health care.


Healthy Seniors

Creating awareness and educating local seniors and their caregivers about resources in our community. 

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